fancia mind fanciful life

Company Overview

Nowadays, looking for Relaxing, Enjoyable and Personality lifestyle is already a kind of culture in Hong Kong.
So, to add with this culture, Fancia promotes all the products which are related to
your daily life with fine performances and appearances to improve your lifestyle.


Fancia is created from a word “Fancy” – Creative Mind.
Keep arising new concepts in mind would help us to improve and enhance ourselves in this changing world!
and Personality are the main characteristics of Youth.
So, “Dream more in mind, get Younger in mind.”
Then, life’ll become Characteristic, Youthful and Fanciful.


Fancia could be a sign of “Life with Enjoy, Relax and Personality”
in customers’ mind to make their lives becoming Fanciful.

Company Mission

“Fancia Mind, Fanciful Life” is already the culture and mission of Fancia.

Customer Mission

“More convenient with using Fancia” is according to the customer’s needs,
Fancia will promote the products to fulfill customer’s wants.

Fancia International Limited (Hong Kong Office)

Telephone No.:     +852-24050300

Fax No.:                  +852-24052300

Office Address:     Unit 6, 21/F, King Palace Plaza, 52A Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong

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